Master Key Quest

Journey to the Master Keys


Week 1 – The Season is Changing….

The season is changing again.  Here in the north-eastern part of the United States we enjoy every shade of red, orange and yellow imaginable as they splash onto the green landscape of God’s canvas.  As a native of upstate New York, I never tire of the view as I marvel at the splendor.

As I look out my window this fine day, I see God’s canvas of millions of trees beginning their journey, one leaf at a time.  Some trees will gradually show color, becoming flaming beauties.  Some trees will blush with just a hint of orange.  Some trees remain firm in their stance as change is not for them.  That’s OK, God loves green too.  Then there are those trees that dig right into the season.  They burst onto the scene, embracing change with vibrant, committed beauty.

This collage of color announces that Summer is officially over and quickly ushers in a season of changes.  This kids are back in school.  Parents change back into their regular work schedules.  The hardware store is a buzz with people getting supplies for their final outdoor projects before the Winter makes its grand entrance.  Business owners, executives and every person with a quota is examining their numbers as we approach fourth quarter crunch time.  The air is filled with a renewed sense of purpose.

This year, I feel a bigger change stirring in my heart.  It’s far greater than a change of season this time.  Yes, this year I begin the incredible journey to change my mind.  I am not talking about the common nonsense we hear that it is my prerogative, as a woman, to change my mind.

This year, I dig deeper.  I seek a change of mind that leads to a life with focused purpose.  I seek a change of thought and way of thinking.  The journey I begin is that of the The Master Keys.  An amazing journey of guided little steps built upon guided little steps, built upon guided little steps.  When one considers the multitude of steps in The Master Keys journey, the daily commitment required and the enormous promise of transformation in launching such a journey, one can easily become overwhelmed.

Like the trees I see out my window, every individual taking The Master Keys journey will have a different color and a different approach.  Me, I am that tree I see every year in my front yard.  The one that digs right into the season.  That bursts onto the scene, embracing change with vibrant, committed beauty.