Master Key Quest

Journey to the Master Keys


Week 9 And we give thanks….

I love this time of year! People seem to pause to take notice of the many blessings in their lives. ThanksgivingGratitude

At this time I wish to share my gratitude for this Master Keys journey. I have come to appreciate my new friends in the Alliance area as we journey together to the world within. As we learn the truth about controlling our thoughts and manifesting the life we were meant to live during our short time on this planet.

Haanel writes, “The three things that all mankind desires and which are necessary for his highest expression and complete development are Health, Wealth and Love.” With a little rephrasing, we find the same message in scripture. Our Creator makes this abundantly clear, if we listen to our hearts. Although these three things may look vastly different to each of us; isn’t it amazing that we ALL are searching for the same thing! Abundance and blessings are all around us, all of the time. Take notice. Observe. Express gratitude.

This journey has lead me to a much more authentic definite major purpose (DMP). In speaking with my Master Mind partner today, we each shared how this journey has been the hardest, good work we have done. To become a better person is an inside job for sure. We discussed how many times we have re-written our DMPs (myself – I am on re-write 11 over the past 7 months). Our lives can so easily become trappings of our daily obligations that we lose ourselves and our genuine purpose.

My journey back to my world within began several months ago during my study of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” with Go90Grow – a truly enriching experience. Continuing on my journey to the Master Keys; all the thought work and “sitting” has paid off in a way that brings such peace and gratitude .  How appropriate that it comes during the season when I observe such gratitude from others. Happy Thanksgiving my friends!!




Week 8 – Blessings in disguise

As you may recall last week I had a major melt down and my Sweetheart gave me the best advice! “Just breathe! You are where you need to be.” Turns out he was so right! Just breathe.
This journey has began to show me things about myself that are eye opening. Some of these aspects are surprisingly delightful, others not so much. For instance, this week on the Mental Diet – which is so much harder than you can imagine – I had several “restarts”. I walked through the house and found a TV on – OMG I got stuck right there for about 3 minutes before I realized I was watching TV! Another time I got caught up in an opinion about a business situation rather than just sticking to the facts. I have yet to make it through a whole day. Lots of breathing going on! 🙂
note to self - just breathe

Plus I discovered why my I am behind on my MK assignments. I had to tweak my DMP. Turns out I had a paragraph on there that was not really true to my heart. It was hard to admit, but once discovered, it had to go! Now I am getting in line with my purpose and I can feel the passion rising when I read my DMP. Amazingly, I am looking forward to getting the rest of my press release published; finishing my movie poster, tweaking my movie trailer; and the grand-daddy of them all, redoing my recording.
Blessings in disguise.
Blessing in Disquise
Once I came to terms with this situation on Wednesday evening, everything began to fall into place. God began connecting me with sharp motivated individuals who are in alignment with my DMP. One blessing right after another. As I was reading the Master Keys this week, 8-26 states, “It is thus that you may weave a garment of spirit and power into the web of your entire existence; it is thus that you may lead a charmed life and be forever protected from all harm; it is thus that you may become a positive force whereby conditions of opulence and harmony may be attracted to you.” WOW, pretty amazing. Blessings abound when you live true to your purpose!



Week 7 Uh…A little overwhelmed here…

Here we are at week 7! I am experiencing a bit of a roller coaster ride…. up, down, up, around…what a ride! So many unbelievable things are happening in my life and I am facing a most serious challenge right now! I am excited because this is “go time”. And if ever there were a time to impress myself with my inner self it would be right now!
Roller coaster
Honestly, I have been preparing for this moment for over a year. Well more like my whole life, but consciously for a year now. I know what is required, yet I find myself overwhelmed. I cannot explain it to my satisfaction. I know this is not positive thinking. I know this type of thinking creates a negative attitude which does not move me closer to my DMP. Yet, I was paralyzed for a moment.

I was sitting at the dining room table this morning crying, which is so very not like me. Crying not because I am not experiencing blessings personally and professionally – because I AM seeing them. BUT because I am so far behind in my MKMMA tasks that I am not feeling all the joy that I see and hear from others in the Alliance area. I was so overwhelmed this morning because I did not get my blog posted on time. That appeared to have been the tipping point as I was reading my daily devotionals.

My Sweetheart was sitting across the table from me wondering how he could help. He is so wonderful. He just listened as I admitted through my tears that I am “just not that together at the moment”. He knows I am normally very composed and very efficient, so obviously this must really be bothering me. PLUS, he just finished reading our devotionals; so he knew that they speak directly to what I was feeling. Talk about an additional smack in the face!

Looking for a sign
I was explaining to him that I have a serious matter to contend with in 3 weeks and it is wigging me out! God bless him! He reminded me that; it is at the time when we are near our GREATEST breakthroughs, that we get the most opposition. So he very wisely stated that, “Everyone in the household is fine. We support what you are doing and believe in you. It will be ok if someone sees a couple dirty dishes or we have to make a sandwich for dinner. Just BREATHE, do your best, remain faithful and know that God is bigger than anything that will come against you. It will all come together – one day at a time.” Then we recounted the many blessing of the week, day by day. WOW! Mind you, he is not a wordsmith by any stretch. He is a hard-working construction guy. An honest man who loves his family and the Lord. I am so grateful that God chose him for me! Just Breathe…That was exactly what I needed! 🙂

Where you need to be  - just-breathe


Week 6 Ahhhh….How Refreshing!

Week 6 has definitely been a transitional week in my Master Keys journey!

With a huge exhale, I am announcing…progress

All the exercises. All the readings, writings, speaking, sitting, thinking, shapes, colors, movie trailer and the movie poster are gelling together in my brain and “seeping into my other mind, that mysterious source that never sleeps” as Og Mandino would say.

Putting the pieces together, connecting the colors, shapes and simple chores to my Definite Major Purpose (DPM) has created authentic inspiration in my life. Trusting the process has required a leap of faith to create the real-time movie that plays in my mind 24/7.

It is a leap of faith to keep doing each mind expanding exercise. For some the leap is as vast as an ocean with no sight of a shore to land on. Sadly, they loose faith and fail to launch.

                                            No Leap - Ocean

For some the leap is a puddle. Easily, with a single stride , it’s done!

Then for some it’s a lake. We can see the shore in the distance. Although there is a chance we will get wet, we back up for a running start. With all of our might and every ounce of faith we can muster, we take the leap!
Leap over water

As we land our mark, splashing on the shore; our hearts are pounding and we screech with exhilaration! Then comes the victory dance!
Beach victory dance 5