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Week 19….. Bobbie makes a come back in the silence…

Hello again!  I am still here and making strides along my journey to get back on track.

Back to the basics and the foundation that formed the road to begin my journey.


I have made an observation though…once you have travel this far on the journey within; the basics feel very different.   The tone of my journey has changed.  The way I see each day has changed.  Each of us are living the life we have chosen.  Let that one sit with you for a while….

I am living the life I have chosen.  My future self has chosen a vastly different life.  One filled with more kindness, more gratitude, more of the intangibles that make a difference in the lives of every person with whom I come in contact.  Perspective….WOW such a powerful tool.


We can choose to wallow around in that which we find distasteful.  OR…we can choose to tap into the power within and think, speak and sit ourselves into peace, love and harmony in the world within.  Then watch in awe as it overflows into the world without.   Even if it is a little at a time…be prepared… it is contagious…


Kindness. Love.  Within. Without.

THANK GOD for getting back to the silence of the sit!

Now to truly seek out and form a Master Mind Alliance!!

The quest for Harmony is on!



Week 18 The question that gave me Instant Power

As you may recall in “Week 17A The turmoil created by ONE question”; I was rescued by ANOTHER question. 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0120a6c148b0970b-800wi (2)The Master Keys Team has made it perfectly clear from the beginning that it is their intention to create independent thinkers vs building a following that hangs on their every word.

I must say that they remain consistently true to this intention. Rather than trying to influence any decision or conclusion that I come to during my turmoil; the Week 18 Master Keys webinar presented us with a universally applicable tool in the form of another question… GET THIS….


BAM! Total Power! In fact, Instant Power when you consider all of the work each of us have been doing to get to know the person we intend to become!

Haanel writes in Lesson 18 section 32:
32. The incentive of attention is interest; the greater the interest, the greater theSDfocused
attention; the greater the attention, the greater the interest, action and reaction; begin by paying attention; before long you will have aroused interest; this interest
will attract more attention, and this attention will produce more interest, and so on.  This practice will enable you to cultivate the power of attention.

This question did a whole lot more than pique my interest. While assessed my situation; I concentrated, observed others, observed myself and gave concentrated attention to multiple areas of my life. Then I made the decision that I would begin with communication since the person I intend to become is a caring, kind communicator that is a blessing to everyone I encounter.


Communicating in this manner, I discovered that it wasn’t all about MY growth, MY changes and the need to eliminate all negativity from MY life. My Master Keys journey is having a much bigger impact on my family than I realized. I’ll admit at first there was anxiety in our communication. Although I knew that Clymer has been growing right along with me throughout the years, recently he has been doing his own DEEP mind work. We talked about the fact that “We teach people how to treat us” and how we can best move from here.

calm_waterThe best part about communicating as the person I indent to become with care and kindness was that it presented the opportunity for my DMP to be shared with my family vs being heard in the distance. You see all along I thought that it was just going to be a transformation of me, my mind and my life. These past few weeks of turmoil brought forth gifts that I was completely unaware were happening. In creating a positive world within, I was able to create a positive world without!

Instead of starting all over, all by myself, which is what I was afraid was going to happen: we have a partnership in accomplishing our DMP!!


I went to work being the person I intend to become! I listened more intently. Confidence and love radiateachievement out of me. Kind acts are natural to me. Guess what? All of these attributes are contagious just as Hannel writes in Week 18 section 24:
24. In order to grow we must obtain what is essential for our growth, but as we are at all times a complete thought entity, this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give; growth is therefore conditioned on reciprocal action, and we find that on the mental plane like attracts like, that mental vibrations respond only to the extent of their vibratory harmony.

We are moving towards harmony in our household. Now I ask you… what could be better than that?

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Week 17A The turmoil created by ONE question…

I write “Week 17A The turmoil created by ONE question” in retrospect.  From this perspective I have insight
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? that was not available to me during Weeks 17 and 17A. It is my hope that I am able to share my experience with the same authenticity of every previous week along my journey.

Here we go…
So we are going along in our journey learning to think deeply, concentrate and really dig into the power that comes from within. Mind you we are not just learning about these things, this is a study with practical application on many levels. I found myself more intrigued each week. I knew in my heart that all the “secrets” revealed in our studies and activities were the keys to manifesting my future life. But then there came the ONE question that hurled me into that crater in the road that I talked about previously in Week 17….

WOW!!! On the surface this appears to be an exercise in fact finding. Facts that you sleuth out, analyze and adjust accordingly. Most people are familiar with this method and how we use it to hit our goals….


Well….although this is a great question in that application, let me just share with you that this ONE question reaches deep into your thoughts and your soul. As you sit with this question and really ponder it; your subconscious mind will reveal to you many more answers to this ONE question than you may be prepared to receive.

So many revelations…I was pretending that I did not know that….

  • I was drifting in my Master Keys studies and exercises. Simply not doing my very best.
  • I was not completing my DPOA (Daily Plan of Action) because I was not Scheduling my DPOA

Those were the fact finding revelations that you simply go on to finish the loop with checking and active-patienceadjusting/acting, but wait….there’s more!

When you couple this ONE question with our Franklin Makeover exercises and all of our previous mind work, a whole new group of categories is revealed.

Such as:   I was pretending that I did not know that….

  • I was not nearly as grateful as I could be.
  • I was wasting time with the “time vampires” as a form of procrastination.
  • I was full of thoughts that did not serve my DMP.
  • And the BIG ONE….I was unhappy with the state of my life as I had manifested it most recently!!!!! OUCH!

Everything before the BIG ONE would have been easy for the old Bobbie to fix. Super quick, after all I am predominantly a RED personality. I take charge and get things done.

But this last one, this was serious. So here was my thought process:
If I am unhappy with the life I have manifested, then I will have to manifest a new one.  Wow, that means my DMP is all wrong!  That means I am back to the drawing board for a new DMP!   Oh no, that means my Personal Pivotal Need are all wrong!   Everything I have been working on all this time is all wrong!!   I was shaken right down to the core of my being, especially since this did not affect me alone.   What about my family?   I know they are big girls now, but honestly we are a family.

oh No

WOW! Will I have to start all over? For a short time I was paralyzed. No reading, no sits, no listening, no visits to the MMA (Alliance area) just turmoil and crying for the whole week!

I was no longer drifting from the Master Keys exercises. So it would seem that the crater I fell into was larger than I thought! In fact, it was on the edge of the ocean!!! I was in danger of floating out to sea while hanging on to one of those cute little doughnut shaped lifesavers!


What was my lifesaver, you might ask? Although I had drifted, I held fast to a metaphorical anchor; the webcast for Week 18!!


The team at the Master Keys has sent a rescue line to bring me to the edge of the crater!!! This is where I found the very NEXT question I needed to continue on my Master Keys journey. Finally my Master Key friends could tow me out of the crater.

Please join me in Week 18 where I share my discovery of the NEXT question as I ride over to the BEST repair shop along the road of the Master Keys journey!!



Week 17 OK …so what happened to Bobbie?

Please accept my sincerest apologies. I have been on the down-low the past few weeks.damn-potholes-knysna

On Week 17 I hit a bump in the road of my Master Keys journey. It turns out that it that it wasn’t actually a bump, it was one of those mammoth potholes common on the roads of the northeast. Occasionally you hit one that does some serious damage to your car, which is usually followed by a costly trip to the repair shop. This scenario comes complete with involuntary downtime and serious challenges with transportation logistics. Even the simplest things such as the need for a gallon of milk turns into a 15 mile quest!                            (Mark J – this pothole pic is for you!)

Heart in the sunlightWeek 17 followed the amazing masterminding of everything KINDNESS if Week 16. It was such an inspiring and uplifting week – one of my favorites thus far! So in Week 17 we were encouraged to dig deeper into our  Definite Major Purpose (DMP) vs the temptation to drift as the activities along the Master Keys journey became familiar. We were to give ourselves permission to tap into the power we’ve discovered within.  As I contemplated this permission concept. I realized, much to my dismay that I actually fit more into the category Mark described as the Drifter!! He was right!


I had become complacent!  I was in denial of this fact for a few weeks. I was also considering that perhaps I was even over confident given my long time “familiarity” with the work of Hill and Haanel. Familiarity is not to be confused with study by any means!  Perhaps I was telling myself that “I got this already”?

I seemed to be going down the road on my Master Keys journey in a quasi state of autopilot. You know how you just ride along without the actual engagement in the actual driving experience. Then when you arrived at your destination, you realize that you don’t really know how you got there? That is the quasi state of autopilot I am talking about. Then BAM!! I hit a pothole – no wait – it was a crater!!!

As I gazed up rather sheepishly from the bottom of my crater; I was reminded of all the warning signals and flashing lights posted along the road by the Master Key Team and Journey Guides.

animated_flashing_construction_barracade                                compass-path

Solution Ahead
I invite you to join me in posts 17A and 18 as I share the 2 questions I grappled with before I would allow my Master Keys friends to tow me out of the crater and over to the BEST repair shop along the road of the Master Keys journey.