Master Key Quest

Journey to the Master Keys

Week 3 There’s that same question again!


What do I really want?

This might look like a simple enough question to answer. You ask, how hard can it be? These are some of the things that run though our minds…cool-Fancy-Swimming-Pool-Scheme8c5f156f1324c03360d691a6ba733a2a

I want a beautiful home, a really nice car, a super hot husband or a super hot wife, a great school for my kids, a fabulous vacation! Oh I mean, a fabulous vacation every year. No Wait! I mean several fabulous vacations every year! That’s what I want. Yes, that is what I want!resort-optimized

We even try one (or several) of these…


So you work hard and you get all that! And that is all good! Great accomplishments!!

But then what? Well, what do you mean – then what? Well, think about it for a minute….


You see, I have achieved a great many things on my list.  I was convinced that I had achieved success. In every sense of society today, indeed; I achieved success!  As many of you know, I am continuing my journey with the Master Keys. Perhaps though, not for the reason you may think.

Sure I want to be more successful, but it is so much more than that.

3a805743c2157c7b8ef64fd5215db232You see… last year I heard this “Follow your Bliss” statement several times. The guides even shared with us seven categories from which to choose the root of our bliss. Next, we wrote our 400 word description of what bliss would look like. They encouraged us to keep writing and re-writing this description until it was crystal Suspension_bridge_(PSF)clear. So clear that it could be considered architectural plans to build a bridge to our bliss.

I promise you that I did this assignment over and over and over, trying to create the bridge that would take me to my bliss! I read it faithfully as directed.

Interestingly, I observed that the assignment works beautifully!!

I manifested exactly what I was writing about!

Herein lies the problem…I know exactly WHO I want to become; and believe me, that part of my bridge is solid, beautiful; truly an impressive bridge!   But – and honestly it is a big BUT… the Bliss part…


Well, let’s just say that you really need to Be TRUTHFUL TO YOUR SOUL when choosing your category.


Otherwise at the end of constructionyou have a bridge to a place

 you do not want to go….


Or you will have no clue where you are going to end up….

Trust me, it will not be your Bliss!

I am sure we can all agree that this looks nothing like Bliss…

Even if we have no idea what Bliss looks like!



So I had two questions for myself to sit and think about …

Tune in next week and

let’s chat about it!


5 thoughts on “Week 3 There’s that same question again!

  1. This is quite the nail-biter. I can’t wait to find out where it goes.

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  2. Holy cow Bobbie, terrific Post!! I cannot wait to see what you have found in your sits and I’ll be sending good energy your way. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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  3. 2 important truths and invaluable advice in your great article:

    1) Following your bliss = the key. This is what Joseph Campbell said a long time ago. And this is as much true today as it was yesterday.

    2) Starting by focusing on “who you want to become” before trying to get “what you want to have”. I am convinced it’s a better way to live than the traditional one that our (developed) countries chose as the rule.


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