Master Key Quest

Journey to the Master Keys


Week 8 My S t r e t c h

My S t r e t c h … What is that you ask?

I can literally feel the very fiber of my brain cells really stretching as I Earsprogress on this journey within. I have heard a number of times that the longest distance we will ever know is the distance between our ears.

For the first time in a long time, I can see light at the end of the tunnel and be confident that it is not a train!  I have been able to keep my “game face” on through some pretty tough times over tough-babythe past few years. You know that look of determination that you are making it no matter what!

Well, I can honestly say that I no longer need the game face. Whew! What a relief!

So much has happened that most people would call “coincidence”. I am now at the point where people keep saying to me, “WOW, you are really on a roll!” I am truly making the progress in my business life, in my personal life and in my spiritual life that I have been chasing for about a year and a half!

In fact, I am going to be so bold as to say, “I believe”.




Week 7 “Oh, I never thought about that!”

Have you ever really thought about what you think about?

Funny question, right?

In today’s society, that does seem like a funny question. Have you ever noticed how many times we hear; or even say ourselves, “Oh, I never thought about that!”?

This week in our Master key journey we are thinking about what we are thinking about. By this I mean we are examiningquote-you-must-not-allow-yourself-to-dwell-for-a-single-moment-on-any-kind-of-negative-thought-emmet-fox-51-80-48 our thoughts and using the Law of Substitution to cancel a negative thought and replace it with a positive thought. This is the exercise of The Seven Day Mental Diet of Emmet Fox. “For seven days I must not allow myself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought.”

Here’s the kicker – once I dwell on a negative thought for more than a moment, I must restart the seven days!!!!


We have all heard many times, in all forms of marketing relating to food and diets; that we are what we eat. In fact, you may even recall this image in a clever food advertisement. Although, this is not breaking news for readers of the bible; you will be happy to know that it has been scientifically proven that we are what we think, as well.

So I ask you again, have you ever really thought about what you think about?

Think about this for a moment.  Imagine there were a way to learn HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN A WEEK.  However difficult this may be, Emmet Fox points out that there is a reward!

The most important of all factors in my life is the mental diet on which I live. It

is the food which I furnish to my mind that determines the whole character of my

life. It is the thoughts I allow myself to think, the subjects that I allow myself to

dwell upon, which make me and my surroundings what they are. As thy days, so

shall thy strength be. Everything in my life today – the state of my body, whether

healthy or sick, the state of my fortune, whether prosperous or impoverished, the

state of my home, whether happy or the reverse, the present condition of every

phase of my life in fact – is entirely conditioned by the thoughts and feelings which

I have entertained in the past, by the habitual tone of my past thinking. And the condition of

my life tomorrow, and the next week, and next year, will be entirely conditioned by the

thoughts and feelings which I choose to entertain from now onwards.

In other words, I choose my life, that is to say, I choose all the conditions of my

life, when I choose the thoughts upon which I allow my mind to dwell.”

In our study materials it is noted specifically: Thinking1

The practical difficulty in applying it, however, arises from the fact that our thoughts are so close to us that it is difficult, without a little practice, to stand back as it were and look at them objectively.”

I am willing to do the hard, mental labor that Haanel speaks of in his weekly lessons as I learn HOW TO CHANGE MY LIFE IN A WEEK! It is going to be another pivotal week!

I challenge you to notice this week how may times you hear; or even say yourself, “Oh, I never thought about that!”? While you are thinking here is some food for thought…


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Week 6… Am I willing?

Sunday, November 1, 2015. The morning began a new week, a new month, a new Master Keys lesson and a new scroll from Og Mandino’s, The Greatest Salesman in the World. Whew, that’s a lot of expectations! No worries, I thought, openbiblelightraysthat’s nothing for God! Little did I know that my daily devotional would set the tone for my whole week.

“For the time being no discipline brings joy, but seems grievous and painful; but afterwards it yields a peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11

I continued on with the exercises of the Master Keys and noticed how the two were related. Discipline. Moving on to a new scroll knowing I’ll be reading it three times a day for the next 30 days, you could say, takes some discipline. But the habit was already formed, besides scroll two is one of my all-time favorites, “I greet this day with love in my heart”.

Later in the day I prepared for the webcast by printing the lesson and viewing the introductory video. We are assigned the creation of another tool this week. Getting set up properly with the tools of the MKMMA takes time, energy, commitment; and yes, the discipline to get it all done. There it was again! Our guides remind us over and over (and over and over again) of DISCIPLINE yielding the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it, though not in the same words.

In previewing Haanel’s lesson, I notice he makes a very valid point about getting set up with the proper tools and understanding how to implement them:

discipline -challenge7. We are accustomed to examining the mechanism of the implements which we

use for tilling the soil, and we try to get an understanding of the mechanism of the

automobile which we drive, but most of us are content to remain in absolute

ignorance of the greatest piece of mechanism which as ever come into existence,

the brain of man.

It takes discipline to learn to use your brain, especially in today’s world of distractions! So I ask myself this week… Am I willing to love myself enough to use discipline as a vehicle that brings blessings, peace, fun and great enjoyment… everything that God wants me to be…into my life? The answer? A resounding YES!

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Week 5 The Press Release…

I can hardly believe that Week 5 is here already because last week, I quit! I quit any notion of giving less than 100% commitment to my Master Key journey. In reality, I quit before I started. If you have been following my journey, then you know that I learned a valuable lesson last season. At the end of the 2014-2015 session I wished I had remained fully committed to each exercise and each assignment.


This week’s assignment of the Press Release was one of those activities. So here we are again. I have a new opportunity to dig into an assignment and do my best. There is no way that I am dropping the ball this time!

I could tell you last season that I didn’t have time, or how I didn’t completely understand the assignment. Except that neither of those statements would be true.

The assignment is to write a Press Release from the perspective of a person interviewing me at a particular time in the future after I have manifested the life I have designed for myself. So what happened? What was the real cause of leaving my audience hanging after such a great introduction last season?

The truth is…I just didn’t have a clear vision of my future. For the first time in my life I had no idea of what I really bridge-in-the-fogwanted! Although I thought I had an idea, it was foggy at best. The subconscious mind does not work on foggy.

If you remember our assignment from Week 3, we were to design the blueprint to construct a bridge to the life we desire in the future. The trouble is, if it is foggy at the end of our bridge, it’s foggy in our future. Last season there was a lot of fog!

I am here to tell you that my dedication is paying off this season! I have been diligent with the readings, the sitting & thinking, the index cards. This week there was a lot of sitting and thinking on that same question, “What do I really want?”. Good news! It worked!! The fog has lifted!

o-HAPPINESS-facebookWhen we are willing to give up the mascaraed of wearing a mask for each role we play in the “dance of life” as Mark J calls it; when we are willing to be true to ourselves, life is beautiful.

It was a beautiful, enlightening moment when my future self came rushing up to meet me! My whole future looks completely different now. I have rewritten my Press Release from scratch! Although I am still getting the final touches on the full interview; you can catch a sneak peak at my future by clicking on the Press Release tab.