Master Key Quest

Journey to the Master Keys

Press Release…

It’s Labor Day, 2019.

Anthony Manganiello, author of the The Debt-Free Millionaire, here to learn how Entrepreneur, Bobbie Nabinger, discovered the secret to her success to become our next, Debt-Free Millionaire.

I have just arrived at her secluded, 120 acre estate in upstate NY. I can see the gorgeous, custom built, timer-frame home from the main road. As I make my way onto the estate, the driveway invites me around the home, right up to the main patio.

My first thought? WOW this is a seriously customized home! My second thought? For a secluded estate, this patio sure looks like it does some serious entertaining!! Bobbie and her family turn to wave to me as I am getting out of the car.

Hello Tony, Welcome! It is good to see your smiling face! It has been too long my dear friend. You must meet my family!” Bobbie exclaims with excitement as she greets me half way across the patio. We meet with a solid handshake that falls into the embrace of gratitude and true friendship.

Tony, this is my sweetheart, Clymer, well actually his first name is Paul, but I am sure I must have mentioned that over the years. And these are our girls, Korrine, Dakota and our God-daughter Kaylene. And Tony I am so pleased to introduce you to my Dad, Ken; whom you’ve also heard so much about over the years. The guys have the kids out for a ride on the four-wheelers. They will be back before the BBQ. Everyone is so excited to meet you!!”

Bobbie glows with a happiness and vitality that I would consider very rare. She turns to her family and enthusiastically says, “Everyone this is Tony!! My dear friend and comrade in the quest for making a difference in peoples lives!” As she glances my direction she continues with a smile, “Believe me Tony they have heard all about our successes back in the day with Debt Free & Prosperous Living® – you know before the huge economic correction.”

With introductions and chit chat well underway, Bobbie suggests a seat in the shade while she heads off to get cool drinks. The breeze carries the scent of Autumn in upstate New York. The patio is huge to say the least; with warm earthy colors and textures of intricate stone work inviting me to touch. I immediately notice three fountains, each with their own character; babbling and splashing to create a song of harmony. The landscape design is breathtakingly natural, yet with a sophistication that keeps me traveling from one surprise to another; pulling my eyes over to the contemporary outdoor kitchen that stands prepared to feed the crowd arriving later this afternoon. Bobbie is on her way over with fresh brewed iced tea and lemonade. The girls are close behind her with trays of glasses and fresh cut lemons.

I can’t help but say exactly what is on my mind, “Bobbie, you and the girls look amazing! So vibrant and healthy. It has been 10 years since our last face to face meeting and you look younger now than back then! How is that possible? WOW, you look so happy and relaxed!” Turning to Paul, “And Paul, you have a look of peace and contentment that I must admit, I’ve never noticed in your pictures over the years! OK! What is the secret here?”

Clymer, as Bobbie refers to him affectionately, laughs and confesses, “You haven’t seen this look before because it’s pretty recent. It has been a long road. The peace you see today comes from a dedication to an idea to make a difference that Bobbie and I have shared for 12 years this month. But you know Bobbie; her art is taking something from an idea to a vision to a reality.” Her father pipes in with, “She’s been like that her whole life! Never a dull moment with Bobbie, I always say. Even as a little girl, she had visions of making the world a better place.” Without hesitation he goes on, “Honestly though, I thought it might wear off once she got out into the world, but she really does love people!”

Instantly, I flashed back in my mind to the time I first met Bobbie at one of our annual conventions. She came out of nowhere and burst onto the scene breaking every record in just a few weeks. She had taken our Debt Free & Prosperous Living® financial education program to a level of client service that we had never seen before. In fact, the new program was still in pre-lauch and she was working from a photocopy of the rough draft! Mid-thought I laughed and said, “Yeah Bobbie, remember that impromptu Board of Directors meeting called together at that convention when we first met? We all wanted to know who you were and how you were so far ahead of us!!” Bobbie blushes slightly and says, “I remember! Because I thought I was in the wrong room at first! I loved that program, so I just ran with it.” She goes on to remind us all that, “Those were days when most people and families were not suffering as much economically.”

Quickly realizing this was my opportunity to learn the secret to this family’s health and happiness, I tenderly began the interview this way, “Bobbie, just a few short years ago you shared with me some pretty personal financial injustices you suffered in business. I know this was a significant change in circumstance for you, your family and your business. So much so that you did a complete about-face in your career. A financial services and education expert to health and wellness?” “Yes” she nods. She is still smiling while I continue, “I gotta tell you, although I could understand why you became disenchanted with the mortgage banking industry; I really thought we could win you back to the financial education arena full time. I didn’t really see the health and wellness thing as permanent for you. But… I see your same success here and the legacy that you are creating.” Holding my hand up in reassurance, I go on, “Not that I am surprised for your success at all, but really in multi-level marketing or community commerce as you call it? Now, I’ve tried a few of those myself I confess”, with a sheepish laugh, “after all, hasn’t everyone? But no; in all seriousness, how did you do it?”

My hand still is in the air, when Dakota serves me lemonade in a what appears to be a uniquely crafted, hand blown glass.

With a laugh that seems to come all the way from her toes, Bobbie puts her hand on my shoulder then looks me straight in the eye with a sincerity that is all hers, “Well Tony, I must tell you, I hear you. From the bottom of my heart, I really hear you. And I believe that is why you are here. Let’s sit down

As we are getting settled in for the interview, I am distracted by the most luxurious patio chaise. It is unique in that the frame is made out of exotic woods from around the world. Then I notice that each chaise has a unique pattern. The pieces of wood are perfectly joined with artistic craftsmanship that requires not a single nail or screw. Actually, there is not even a single wooden peg. I brush my hand across the cushion noticing the softest of fabric. As I sit down on this wonderful piece of art, the cushion surrounds me like a warm, soft hug. I know we are supposed to be getting into the business of the day, but I can’t help myself, “I absolutely love your patio set! Where did you get it?”

Bobbie pops up from her seat and grabs her Dad’s arm, pulling him to his feet. “Oh wait til you see this, Tony! Everybody, stand up and pick up your cushion!” With childlike excitement she runs around pushing each chaise into a tight circle so they butt up against the center table.

I could hardly believe what formed before my eyes! I stood there speechless, entranced by an amazing intricately, carved sun burst. Emanating from the center table are flames, rays of light and energy bursts connecting the table and chaise together creating the illusion of a single, awesome sun burst. Clymer leaned over to me and whispered, “Takes your breath away, doesn’t it?” I just nodded. “The whole house and property has cool stuff like this. The patio, the fountains, even little things like the that glass of lemonade you’re holding. You see, Bobbie finds the most amazingly, talented people and commissions them for her “projects”.” He gives me the quotie fingers emphasizing ‘projects’.” “Most of the people are hobby artists or secret artists, she calls them, who would never dream that they could make a living from their passion.”

Ken jumps on the bandwagon exclaiming, “Now that is Bobbie’s art! You hit the nail on the head with that one, Clymer! She has always been a people artist! She has a way of getting into your heart and finding out your most outrageous dreams.” Kaylene explains excitedly, “Oh and she doesn’t just find out your dream, she helps you achieve it!” Dakota laughs and nudges her sister, Korrine, “Right, even if you change your mind 10 times!” Korrine hits a more serious tone with, “But you want to know the best part? She teaches you how to do it too! That is what she means by Pay-It-Forward. Now we can all pull dreams out of people’s hearts and help them make it happen!”

All righty then! All this from patio furniture! Now I really have to know!” Everyone is laughing now while we rearranged the furniture in a circle. I turn to Bobbie and say, “OK, I am going to need a few more details!”

Sure, it’s my pleasure. Let’s get comfortable, have a seat.” Bobbie smiles and directs me to the chaise directly across from her.

I open the interview with a question of curiosity rather than a How-did-you-do-it question.

Tony: “Bobbie, all of us here know of your dedication and loyalty to your business” I pause, “sometimes past the point of logic, if there is still hope.” My smile lets her know there is no criticism. I go on with, “Now, I know you have been with the same company for many years, easily more than 10 years now, yet only pursuing the higher ranks in the last few years. And we both know that many people in the industry jump from company to company looking for that instant success that seems to be the common sales pitch. They really want to believe that network marketing can work for them. So my first question goes back to the reason you remained so firm in your dedication and loyalty to this one company?”

Bobbie: “OH! Tony that is an easy one. The company I partnered with was just 14 months old, still a baby company. I loved everything about the products, the company, the owners, the principals that they stood for and especially the fact that they were never afraid to publicly let God be their leading force. MonaVie, as it was formerly known, was breaking every industry record and seemed to have everything working for it. But what I found especially intriguing was that the company founders knew that “something” was wrong in the industry. When 95% of people who attempt network marketing fail; they knew that there must be a better way. They made many sincere attempts to reduce this statistic and really shook up the marketplace at times. What kept me loyal you ask? I respected that the founders of the company really wanted to make a change in the industry leading by example. My loyalty stems from my excitement and dedicated to being a part of spearheading that change. Back in the day, that was innovative; but not necessarily popular.” She laughs.

Tony: “Right!” I laugh too! “I know from personal experience in our business dealings that you are loyal, even when it is not necessarily popular; but in this case, you really took a beating on many fronts. Do you mind elaborating on what happened? Would you mind sharing some of the ups and downs that lead you to this moment?”

Bobbie: “Tony, I don’t mind at all, but I want you to know right up front, this is not going to be some “whoa is me story”. I am truly grateful for the journey. Don’t get me wrong” she shakes her head and holds her hand up in the air, “I was not always grateful, I know that! But I believe that I am so much a better person today, than in any of my most successful days of the past! So ask away!” Bobbie leans back into her luxurious cushion and sips her half lemonade, half iced tea drink with the satisfaction that I know right where she stands.

Tony: “I would expect nothing less! That is exactly why I am here.” There is no way to hide my smile of approval!

You see, I have known Bobbie for about 20 years now. She is what I call a “Change Agent”. Grab yourself a coffee, or a lemonade, this is a story worth hearing! You won’t want to miss it!


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